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suka suka  | Indonesia  url
An eclectic photoblog by Eki Akhwan, SUKA SUKA contains photos that express his voice in photography, those he instinctively likes to make.
Photoblog: Imperfect B/W Gallery  | Indonesia  url
Photoblog all about black & white. Portrait,Model,Prewedding,Objects,Landscape,Human Interest
Indonesia daily photos  | Indonesia  url
pictures of Indonesia, all about activities with my cameras
BANDUNG DAILY PHOTO  | Indonesia  url
BANDUNG DAILY PHOTO is a visual journal of the city of Bandung and its vicinities.
Novianart - Capturing the Live  | Indonesia  url
My new hobby is photography
PixelCastle  | Indonesia  url
I capture it with passion and love.
click photo  | Indonesia  url
this is a blog to share photos that is taken by me.
Steinhard Artwork  | Indonesia  url
Photographer and Filmer for Indonesia Skateboarding
Joan Felix Kwo  | Indonesia  url
Let the photos speak for us
Hakeem Photography  | Indonesia  url
Daily photo gallery from I live, Banjarmasin
yjuwandi  | Indonesia  url
Visualisation of my passion and hobby in photography. Just come n visit my photoblog.
Freyja Photography  | Indonesia  url
Wedding photojournalism. Photography at it's core.
Bali Photographer Blog  | Indonesia  url
Bali photographer blog for wedding and prewedding photography service in bali
Photo Capture | Gusde Mahendra  | Indonesia  url
Photography is a new thing in my life, before I could only see the works of my friends who is very good. I can now make a photograph beautiful and interesting to watch, though not entirely perfect because I am new in this field.
Bali Jaded Monochrome  | Indonesia  url
Profesional Photography Service Based In Bali. Bali Photographer / Andika Pratama Photography, Bali Monochrome image, bali fine art wedding photographer, Bali Photo Art, Abstract Photography, Deco Art, Print Out
Sjafari Phlog  | Indonesia  url
Featuring photographs of the things that attract my attention, which is found every day between my home and the workplace, in the beautiful city called Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, or other places I may visit. One place was never the same every day.
Delont Photoholic  | Indonesia  url
Bali professional photographer for pre wedding, wedding, post wedding, fashion, model, documentation and architectural
Bali Stock Photo  | Indonesia  url
Bali Stock Photos is a blog about Bali itself,including some pictures about Balinese culture,Balinese daily activities and also the beautiful of Balinese Landscapes
Bali Professional Photographer | Twins Photography  | Indonesia  url
Bali photography services for wedding, pre wedding, engagement, post wedding, honeymoon, family, portrait, event, product, interior and exterior
Harinya Hari - Bali Prewedding, Wedding, Architecture, Model and Fashion Photography  | Indonesia  url
Bali based prewedding, wedding, model and fashion photography
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