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Filipe Lamas Photography  | Portugal  url
Photography it is what it carries through me in sensitive way.
Jo??o Almeida Photography  | Portugal  url
Travel shots from home and away by Jo??o Almeida
da Fotografia / on photography  | Portugal  url
Ve???culo para troca de ideias, projectos, estudos e ensaios, imagens e muitas outras coisas na ???rea da fotografia / Exchanging ideas, projects, studies and essays, pictures and many other things on photography
Teoria das Cores  | Portugal  url
This idea was born when I read this story, written by Herberto Helder: Once upon a time, there was a painter who had a aquarium with a red fish. Lived the fish peacefully together with its red colour until it started to become black from the inside, a
Da fotografia  | Portugal  url
Photoblog dedicated to disseminating the latest works of Alexander Crist??vam
Nelinisti  | Portugal  url
Personal photoblog
Momentos  | Portugal  url
aroundaboutme  | Portugal  url
Aroundaboutme is a daily photoblog of a portuguese that moved from Lisbon to NY and now to Paris. Its about sharing how I see life and what is around me.  | Portugal  url
Finding special moments, details, b&w, lights, situations and places. Photography by lfp.
:: Joana Garrido ::  | Portugal  url
Updated every 9am and 9pm GMT.
Snapshots  | Portugal  url
Professional photographer photoblog
Marcos Bento  | Portugal  url
Photography by a simple amateur
Technicx PhotoBlog  | Portugal  url
Daily photos. Images from Portugal (most of them in Cascais, Sintra, Lisboa, Santar??m, Portim??o...)
Doze - Dezanove  | Portugal  url
Comecei a fazer fotografia aos doze anos e s?? parei aos dezanove. De 1988 a 1995 tirei um total de 106 rolos. Agora, aos trinta, resolvi digitalizar todos esses negativos e mostr??-los.
Arco-??ris Reloaded  | Portugal  url
Um pouco de tudo! Fotografias de paisagens, centros hist??ricos, retratos, viagens, Natureza, espect??culos... A forma como vejo o Mundo. Acima de tudo tentar captar cor, luz, textura, composi????o e perspectiva.
1001 places  | Portugal  url
I know it's a tall order, but I want to you to know the the most amazing places in the world through my eyes... starting with my own backyard... ;)
Archivo Pittoresco  | Portugal  url
Photoblog dos alunos estagi??rios do IPF 06/08
Imagens do meu (vi)ver  | Portugal  url
One photo a week
Cantinho di Terra  | Portugal  url
During the four months I was in Cape Verde, I photographed the people I would get to know and the landscapes around me. I spent the first three in Santiago and traveled to other islands in the last one (S??o Vicente, Santo Ant??o, Fogo and Boavista).
SeeSaw  | Portugal  url
a see saw of everything i see or saw
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