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imagination encircles the world  | Portugal  url
photography portfolio
Bruno Sim??es  | Portugal  url
Travel Gallery
Transgrafias  | Portugal  url
Original photographys
Imagens de Elei??????o  | Portugal  url
Fotografia,um pouco do meu olhar e a paix???o pelo momento captado.
Fosgrafis  | Portugal  url
photoblog of a amateur photographer who likes to share his vision of the world. Mostly Landscape photography but you can find everything in here.
Os Meus Clicks  | Portugal  url
Fotografar Pelo Mundo
Been There | Done That  | Portugal  url
My favourite pictures, taken by an amateur girl who loves it.
.Blog  | Portugal  url
My day by day pictures
wonderland  | Portugal  url
My little wonderland of photography and dreamy pictures. I've always cherished the simple things in life and photography has become an amazing way for me to capture these moments. I'm happy to have the opportunity to share my photos with you :)
Em Estado Natural  | Portugal  url
A photographic journal of nature, wildlife and landscapes by Tiago Pereira. Photographs mostly of natural environments of Portugal but also from other European countries.
porto street shooting  | Portugal  url
"You can photograph anything now." - Robert Frank
Anna's Gallery  | Portugal  url
The Anna's Gallery reflects a deeply felt passion for ... photography. We all lovingly photographed, and I am no exception, but who does the photography is not the machine, but human beings and their emotions and their feelings.
Mariiana Capela  | Portugal  url
Photos NoGuerra  | Portugal  url
Passionate about life and what a photomachine can show you abou my passions.
somaisuma  | Portugal  url
Photo blog that serves to show my work, I'm a big fan of photography and always learning every day, I hope you enjoy and please leave your comments.
RVPhotoBlog  | Portugal  url
Lisbon, Oporto, kids, abstract, landscape, studio, nudes. A bit of everything, every day. Er... almost everyday...
Foi o Vitor!  | Portugal  url
I'm interested in exploring the traditional concept of the visual diary in this modern accessible, interactive format. So this is it, a personal mixture of stories and visions from my day.
shoot me  | Portugal  url
random shots
meu simples olhar...  | Portugal  url
the world through my eyes...
Projecto Interior  | Portugal  url
everyday photography and other digital projects
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