Cool Photography Blogs - Russia

Art.S.  | Russia  url
Blog of my travels, friends, just people, everything that surrounds me, my thoughts and my feelings. Feel it!
Kuy.Ru  | Russia  url
My personal photoblog.
hrsa photography  | Russia  url
Interesting photos from a young russian photographer. Different places, a lot of genres, some experiments...
EMotions view  | Russia  url
Author's view on different things.
Photix  | Russia  url
A Russian photoblog about nature and people visioned by Serge Samsonov
gexxxdesign  | Russia  url
Pictures of Moscow  | Russia  url
Daily photo of Moscow today. Fresh photos of capital of Russia. Date of publication is date of shooting. ???????????????????????????????????? ???? ????????????????????????
Shinigami in Disguise  | Russia  url
Street's lights... People's lights within... I guess it's all about light
Pavel Pazukhin  | Russia  url
Pavel Pazukhin photoblog
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