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travel phoptographer Alexey Lanskih  | Russia  url
photoblog about my trips around the world, photo stroy from India, Turkish, Thailand, Bulgaria, Russia, Czech Republic and ..
Wedding photographer Adel Gaynullin  | Russia  url
Свадебный фотограф Адель гайнуллин, Казань, Татарстан
Man with a camera  | Russia  url
To get to "no tresspasing" area, to shoot that "not allowed" and other photo stories about technic and traveling.  | Russia  url
On photos, the design and a little about yourself
Ghost Cities  | Russia  url
Just amateur photos of our world.
Moments of Life  | Russia  url
My photos, made all over the world.
Birthmark on the Map  | Russia  url
Daily Life of Rural Russia. ???? birthmark (Rodinki)is a play on words and can mean both ????irthmark????and ????ittle home.????(The BOBs / Deutsche Welle Blog Awards short-listed us in Best Blog Russian category) Coordinated by Vale
StudioWed  | Russia  url
wedding photographer saratov
photomelancholy  | Russia  url
melancholia, depression, plastic world, grunge, street photography, people, emotion, life, nikon, 50mm, sreetlife photos,
Phototravel-photoblog  | Russia  url
DIAFRAGM  | Russia  url
Secret of the rural site photographer
Sergey Maksimenko  | Russia  url
36exp about film photography
Walking man with a camera  | Russia  url
Photos taken in the course of life
Female portrait & art nude photo blog  | Russia  url
My photoworks in the genre of art-nude  | Russia  url
PhotoBlog :)
FancyThing  | Russia  url
FancyThing - most capacious concept to describe what I'm shooting. And I shoot what I like: city, landscapes, portraits, streets, sports, cars .. whatever seems interesting to me.
Photographer Ovchinnikov Evgeniy  | Russia  url
Blog and portfolio
s i m p l i s t i c  | Russia  url
fresh angles, vintage visions, subtleties and articulations
Underpass Culture  | Russia  url
A collaborative effort of several photographers who are interested in different subjects. It allows us to broad up the content and make it more diverse.
99+3/4 photo  | Russia  url
Fashion, genre, portraiture, still life
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