Cool Photography Blogs - Australia

focusemotions  | Australia  url
Every Yesterday a Dream of Happiness and Every Tomorrow a Vision of Hope... I use an Olympus E-1 and E-30 cameras for most of my photos.
veiledexposure  | Australia  url
Landscapes, people, mannequins, still-lifes and whatnot...
PhotoWalker - Images of people and places  | Australia  url
Documentary & editorial photography blog by Melbourne Photographer Michael Bainbridge  | Australia  url
Photo daily from Australia, New Zealand and sometimes elsewhere.
Gemma Carr Photography  | Australia  url
My photography adventures in a blog. Because photos are important.
Fifila Photography  | Australia  url
Capturing the joy of belonging to a family, of being a baby, of being a toddler, of being a brother or sister, of being a mother or father, husband or wife.
James frost photo blog  | Australia  url
This blog is for my passion of images weddings to surfing
One Thousand Faces  | Australia  url
Faces and street portaits. Mostly candid mostly in Melbourne, Australia - aiming for 1000.
perceptivelight  | Australia  url
A place to present the alternate aspects of my work
larry anda | PHOTOGRAPHY  | Australia  url
the world is my studio.
APERTURE DAILY  | Australia  url
My daily inspirations and all the other photography stuff...
Destination World  | Australia  url
Travel photography from around the world
Montmartre  | Australia  url
Montmartre is the closest I will get to the little hill top village in Paris..until I get there. When I do I will have my trusty camera in hand. Montmartre loves film, loves Polaroid, loves travel and loves photography. It hopes you do too.
Benz World Blog  | Australia  url
Benz World Photography is a Travel Photography site. The Photoblog contains images from Australia, Egypt, Jordan, Austria, Cuba, Jamaica and the UK. This site also contains details of how images were created. Photoshop tricks and tips.
MEL365 Melbourne Daily PhotoBlog  | Australia  url
A daily photo of Melbourne and Australia. Most of the work is done using HDR technique, but never overdone. You may feel it because of the exposure, but always a natural feeling. Lots of unknown corners of Melbourne and some well know sites of Australia,
Phil Hill Travel Photographer  | Australia  url
The regular Blog of freelance photographer Phil Hill. Lots of images, content and opinions on my passion for documentary and travel. Originally from the UK currently based in Australia at least until they realise.
Photoshumi  | Australia  url
street, concert, people, narrative, monochrome, portrait, urban
Juddric Photography  | Australia  url
Brisbane Photographer
Sunset Peninsula  | Australia  url
A subtropical photo blog of beaches, fashion and food.
Fabulous-Femme  | Australia  url
Featuring mainly amazing locations in Melbourne, Australia - combined with fashion and events.
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