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50mm Prime  | Australia  url
Variety of photos taken with a 50mm prime lens.
CIty Shrinker  | Australia  url
what was once large, now small. this guy is shrinking cities!!!
Fairies, goblins and pixels  | Australia  url
at the end of the day, we like to examine the gunk under our nails and reflect on what we've touched
blurry thinking  | Australia  url
adventures in b/w toy camera photography.
Carrousel  | Australia  url
From documentary to still life. Black and white and clolour square photography with the odd digital shot thrown in.
Alex Wise Photography  | Australia  url
Alex Wise photography discussing my techniques and travels
Hobart Daily  | Australia  url
A Daily photo from Hobart Australia
moronic dot org  | Australia  url
art photography
Joy is...  | Australia  url
People - big and small and extra tiny - life and light and loads of JOY
Through Tim's Eyes  | Australia  url
The world seen through my eyes, of Anything & Everything
Everyday Sydney Photography  | Australia  url
A daily pictorial blog featuring photos from everyday Sydney and NSW. Not just the touristy type places but also the lesser known and locals' places too. A new photograph every day!
two40  | Australia  url
Alvin Photography  | Australia  url
The world in my point of view
44 times two  | Australia  url
With two approaches to photography we hope to bring together a selection of images ???? diptyches ???? which accentuate, and explore the surroundings we move in from day to day. We both have very different eyes, very different experiences, and dif  | Australia  url photoblog ... something to keep me entertained!
Photo Corners  | Australia  url
Pieces of captured moments (by an amateur who passionate about photography)
AKimages  | Australia  url
A collection of a wide range of images to hopefully suit all tastes.
A Timeless Journey  | Australia  url
Photoblogs of Selly Ramlie. (Landscape, nature, macro)
Hypnagogic Visage  | Australia  url
Hypnagogic-Visage is my website for showcasing some of my photography. Rather than specializing in any particular area of photography, I prefer to remain open to all styles and influences and regularly experiment with new ideas.  | Australia  url
Landscape photography by Ryan Reid
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