Cool Photography Blogs - Australia

50mm photos  | Australia  url
A photo gallery shot with all lenses of 50mm focal length
Robb Duncan - Pixxil  | Australia  url
This blog opens the door to my world, my passion, my life. And incase you missed it, my names Robb Duncan - Photographer - Father of 6 - Wearer of Kilts and all round nice guy.( ok, so that last bit might be stretching it)
Roark's Sporks  | Australia  url
A bunch of friends from around the globe share their photos for fun & inspiration
Spool Photography  | Australia  url
Landscape images from around Australia
Paul Snow  | Australia  url
This is my new photo blog, I have some others, but I reciently changed as this gave me the picture a day look I like.
{ thefotokid }  | Australia  url
Melbourne photographer - Edouard Mouy - featuring street, portrait, still life photography.  | Australia  url
Perth photographer Chris Rich featuring his visual experiments and attempts at capturing time.
photos by damon  | Australia  url
Daily photos of things that I find interesting. Based in Melbourne, Australia.
Creamy Bokeh  | Australia  url
Present Moment Photography
McFull  | Australia  url
Landscapes pictures from France, Australia, Canada...
hot pink muumuu  | Australia  url
The Muumuu is a kind of visual sketchbook for trying out different photographic ideas and techniques. I especially enjoy experimenting with toy cameras -- I love "happy accidents."
Drawn in Light  | Australia  url
Arty explorations by an Australian visual addict.
The Dreaming Track  | Australia  url
evenstar's photo/videoblog. A (usually) daily image and associated dreamstate, commentary, feeling, rant or thought emanating from the Indian Ocean coastline...
Aspect Photography  | Australia  url
Collection of land based & underwater photographs.
Tallkev Photoblog  | Australia  url
This photoblog is a collection of photographs from my travels. All photographs are taken on film, scanned with minimal enhancement. Please feel free to comment and critique
Cutflat  | Australia  url
Daily updated photos by Tim Raupach
Beau Mitchell: Photo Blog  | Australia  url
Photographs of people, places and things by an Australian traveler.
Detour  | Australia  url
Photographic distractions
Eclectic Moments  | Australia  url
I guess it's just a way of doing something different than my normal everyday photography.
Unknown Sequence  | Australia  url
Photo imaginations of Nikolai Razouvayev
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