Cool Photography Blogs - Australia

massrapid  | Australia  url
A massrapid city life through pictures in Singapore and Australia (Melbourne)
Perspectify  | Australia  url
An Australian photo journal with a diverse range of subjects and themes. Updated daily.
M'enfin c'est quoi ca ?  | Australia  url
From Paris to Melbourne. A personal point of view on my brand new life in Oz.
Rhizomes1  | Australia  url
South Australian photoblog by Gary Sauer-Thompson. Digital and film.
Post Halcyon  | Australia  url
Photo narratives, stories and essays
Alex Pine, Photo Blog  | Australia  url
A blog of my favourite shots, taken mostly in Adelaide and some from around Australia. I plan to update it as often as possible but working full time limits my photographic expeditions.
Learning To See  | Australia  url
I'm learning to see things around me.  | Australia  url
My Photoblog comprises the last 6 years or so of my life, the time in which I fell in love with all cameras and started to develop my interest.
Johno's HDR Work  | Australia  url
Experimenting with HDR and other techniques
snippets and found objects and doodangles and dog portraits  | Australia  url
suburbia people parties daily life surreal life adventures
Mythixel  | Australia  url
Where tales are spoken through images
Mike's Photo Blog  | Australia  url
Mike's photo blog
Nature's Place  | Australia  url
Encounters and Reflections: On the pure sense Nature is and the beauty and instinctive intelligence in it. And on the Nature in Human Nature emotionalised.
Jing  | Australia  url
Hot Cocoa
50mm photos  | Australia  url
A photo gallery shot with all lenses of 50mm focal length
Latelier12  | Australia  url
Selection de mes photos et ??volutions...
Robb Duncan - Pixxil  | Australia  url
This blog opens the door to my world, my passion, my life. And incase you missed it, my names Robb Duncan - Photographer - Father of 6 - Wearer of Kilts and all round nice guy.( ok, so that last bit might be stretching it)
Roark's Sporks  | Australia  url
A bunch of friends from around the globe share their photos for fun & inspiration
Spool Photography  | Australia  url
Landscape images from around Australia
Paul Snow  | Australia  url
This is my new photo blog, I have some others, but I reciently changed as this gave me the picture a day look I like.
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