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Emagini  | Romania  url
A small site for a huge passion. I am an amateur photographer interested in landscapes, portraits, macro, black and white photography, animals, insects and flowers.
Dungha fotografie  | Romania  url
pasiune si atat... plec!
Eugen Uidumac - Perspective  | Romania  url
Gabriel Ursache - amateur photo blog  | Romania  url
I'm learning...I hope to be a real good photographer someday!
Amat??? fot??im  | Romania  url
My amateur photos - Mostly macro, nature, landscape and urban.
Fotodependent  | Romania  url
Blog of photography and travel photography workshop with a few chosen words or being in tune with the images they propagate them.
paul turcu photo  | Romania  url
some photos and words
Fotouri  | Romania  url
My personal space
CDA Photo  | Romania  url
Photography blog with subjects such as wildlife (birds, insects), landscapes and activities. Some technical posts too.
Viorel Crisan photography  | Romania  url
my photos
just photos  | Romania  url
Photos are but drops of my past. Taken some months or a second ago, they were moments i wanted to steal and keep.
Fotografice  | Romania  url
Just pictures.
On a butterfly I ride...  | Romania  url
my personal photospace
my blog with photos  | Romania  url
my blog with pictures
10Xzoom  | Romania  url
Another Wall in the Brick
Lucian Tiut Portfolio  | Romania  url
Diversity of pictures taken by Lucian Tiut
Ionut's Pictures  | Romania  url
Pictures from my life - everything that surrounds me
People of Bucharest  | Romania  url
Shooting people in Romania
photoblogarleanu  | Romania  url
photoblog  | Romania  url
Photography, equipments and technics blog.
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