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raul onet photography  | Romania  url
promotion picture photo! transposition of words in the picture!
digitalxcore  | Romania  url
general photography with a touch of video
Fotoblog de amator  | Romania  url
Amator in photography, I like to take pictures of interesting or non-interesting things. I am at the beginning of the "road". Please, feel free to comment, this will help me.
Alexandru Vorobchevici Photography (Elias)  | Romania  url
Personal website dedicated to my great passions: Photography
Photo Area  | Romania  url
A good snapshot stops a moment from running away.
Elementary Reasons  | Romania  url
A selection of photographies from rock and metal festivals around Europe and some important news from rockstage.
e(in)volutie  | Romania  url
A few photographic steps
Fotomagica  | Romania  url
Bogdan Postelnicu's personal photoblog.
Photo  | Romania  url
fotografie de natura si jurnale de calatorie
horoabe  | Romania  url
about the things around when the daily rush stops into a photo
Chil in Time  | Romania  url
The story of a loser - it could be you.
Tharogas Photography  | Romania  url
Blog of a commercial photographer in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
oover  | Romania  url
Experimenting with photography techniques.
Alex Mazilu - Daily Photo Blog  | Romania  url
A creation act, a step closer to perfection...
fotojoc  | Romania  url
Andrei Aciobanitei's photo blog
Inceputuri - Photographic Art +/-  | Romania  url
Beginnings - Photographic Art +/-
Ella Kali Photography  | Romania  url
photography, dgital manipulation
Lostpixels  | Romania  url
Photoblog by Alex Tortocan
Adrian Bugariu Photography  | Romania  url
ADI'S PORTOFOLIUM  | Romania  url
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