Cool Photography Blogs - Philippines

Little Photobooth  | Philippines  url
Photographs made by a little girl with a big camera.
painting a thousand words  | Philippines  url
my everyday life in pictures
sidemirrorshooting  | Philippines  url
pictures, posts, self-musings and self-learnings in photography. Mostly shot in film. Sometimes in digital.
kenngo  | Philippines  url
Ken Ngo's Photoblog
RAM.ferrer  | Philippines  url
Daily Share of Photos
FlipLomo  | Philippines  url
FlipLomo [Flip=Filipino;Lomo=Lomography] is a personal blog of Joseph Keith Rosales. A local of the Philippine islands. Currently living with his parents and two brothers in San Pedro, Laguna.
Kiss the stars with me  | Philippines  url
My virtual pulpit.
Carlo's Daily Photos  | Philippines  url
My Daily ramdom shots
photodito  | Philippines  url
your daily photo depot. A photo blog about everything. Cool photos and digital photography.
11 Penguin Street : Photographs  | Philippines  url
Cecille's daily photoblog. Images from the Philippines.
Fotorista  | Philippines  url
captured treasures of life
PARCPHOTOGRAPHY  | Philippines  url
This photo gallery is an exhibit and a collection of some of my favorite works. This is primarily a portfolio to share my art, ideas and interests
Pixazions 2  | Philippines  url
Amateur photography using nikon D50 and a few lenses.
iShoot  | Philippines  url
Daily photos of my daily life
Island Paradise Philippines  | Philippines  url
A photographic journey across 7107 islands
SNAP - Moments in a Second  | Philippines  url
SNAP - is the photoblog of Dr??. She uses a point and shoot camera that she bought about 2 years ago. She mostly takes shots of the objects around her, and her favorite subjects are flowers and her beloved pet, Booboo. Taking photographs is more than pr
MoFo  | Philippines  url
Manila through my eyes.  | Philippines  url
Weekly photo grabs out of the blue and grey beyond from a 35 mm FILM photographer living in Batangas, Philippines
jsonvega's photoblog | while on the road  | Philippines  url Fascinated with all the things that cross my path in my everyday life. Taking a shot of them is a good keep.
Pelikula 76  | Philippines  url
A life in Pictures
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