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May Rodrigo  | Philippines  url
Hello. I'm a freelance production and interior designer, dog-owner, organic gardener, analogue lover. I live, love, & LOL! This is my photo blog.
tits of manila  | Philippines  url
manila streets photoblog
Stop or I'll SHOOT  | Philippines  url
I still shoot film. I love street photography, black and whites and portraits.
Seized Moments  | Philippines  url
extraordinary moments seized with photography
Project Smithereen  | Philippines  url
Wedding Photography Design  | Philippines  url
Online Resource for Wedding Photography Design
Life is a piece of photograph  | Philippines  url
My daily dose of photography. A showcase of Photography that depicts life.
500 Shots  | Philippines  url
It's all about 35mm film!
Jam35 Photography  | Philippines  url
Capturing light with my Olympus DSLR. I mainly shoot street photography and food shoots.
Photos by Razener  | Philippines  url
Armed with a simple camera & Photoblog, Razener is an amateur web designer with a growing passion for photography.
Be Still  | Philippines  url
Be Still ???? Just like a still image, be still... and know that I AM.
Gizella Almeda  | Philippines  url
another stupidity (but this is better compare to my previous blogs)
Walking Around Shooting Stuff  | Philippines  url
Sojourns and Random Encounters by Orlando Cajigal
twinkleseguerra  | Philippines  url
This is a compilation of my work working from a point and shoot camera to an slr and back to the basic point and shoot
Mono-logues  | Philippines  url
Blog about monochromes/ black and white photography
MACphotographyDy  | Philippines  url
The main course starts with events we've covered accented with the occasional side order of photo gear and photography related news. Dessert is served up once a week in Week-Ender. A Photo Loupe page that serves as gallery.
Feeling Photographer  | Philippines  url
Inspired Random Photos
20 Ways To See The World; 20 Ways To Start A Fight  | Philippines  url
Broadcasting my life through pictures with the help of teh ~Internetz.
Camz and the City  | Philippines  url
The bustling city I call home is magnificent in it's own bittersweet way. I showcase photos of interesting and beautiful things in city to show that "pretty" comes in different packages.
KenpornillosPhotography  | Philippines  url
Its all about Life. Travel, people, places and all beautiful things.
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