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photosensible  | Belgium  url
Daily shots, portaits and urban landscapes. My very own world through my very own camera lens.
PixStream  | Belgium  url
For as long as I remember, I have always been attracted by cameras. The first one I grabbed when I was still crawling. The result at the time got me admirative exclamations from my parents. I am not sure I deserved it back then???  | Belgium  url
Living in Brussels now for now close to fifteen years I have grown to love the city and its many aspects. It????s in 2001 when I purchased my first digital camera (Canon Ixus 2.1MP) that I found a new passion for photography
ACM Photography  | Belgium  url
I find inspiration for my photography and my digital art works in the natural world and the world created by humans. I love to be influenced by new cultures, sights and sounds and I feel honoured to share my works with you
Best Regards,  | Belgium  url
The photoblog by Japanese who is living in Belgium.
Arno Briers' Photoblog  | Belgium  url
a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Streetphotography, travelphotos, portraits, ...
Photo-Exhibition  | Belgium  url
To regard and then To see. Frequently updated.
KPhotographs  | Belgium  url
Personal photo blog, every few days I post a photo I took on one of my adventures across the world.
Spectrograph photoblog  | Belgium  url
Photoblog with very colourfull ond original photography. Next to the blog also a gallery featuring 5000+ unique travel photographs.
Dries Buytaert  | Belgium  url
Dries Buytaert  | Belgium  url
The world through my right eye..
| Sakana Blog |  | Belgium  url
Fascinated by photography, I'm starting to take photographs as a beginner
... distant horizons  | Belgium  url
See the world as I am, not as it is. From Wallonie, Belgium ...
Windows on the world  | Belgium  url
The pictures of my life, the pictures of my journeys around the globe, many different windows on the world...
AtyPICS  | Belgium  url
Because I love taking pictures of everything, everywhere and at any time! ( Film Camera only)
enjoy  | Belgium  url
Daily photo from belgium
Philippe  | Belgium  url
Photos et vid??os de mes balades d'un jour au travers de la Belgique  | Belgium  url
Just a beginning photographer. I still have a lot to learn. Help me improve by giving your opinion!  | Belgium  url
A belgian photoblog with pictures about everything and nothing. The world in pictures.
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