Cool Photography Blogs - Switzerland

Photojournale Connections Across A Human Planet  | Switzerland  url
Connections Across a Human Planet illustrates the common truths that connect the human experience and represents photographers and their stories from around the world.
SiZr-Photos  | Switzerland  url
Weekly photos from Switzerland and all over the world.
A World of Nature  | Switzerland  url
A World of Nature
AboveAndBelow  | Switzerland  url
Pictures from below the ground and above. :-)
A little me, a little you???  | Switzerland  url
Take a picture, it will last longer!
Frammenti di realt??. Photoblog  | Switzerland  url
A photo a day: the reality seen through the eyes of an italian/swiss/geek girl of 25 years
manganite photography  | Switzerland  url
My personal photoblog to showcase my work. My main topics are people, portrait, nude, street, urban, travel & life in general
Wojciech Jarosz Photography  | Switzerland  url
a little of everything: nature, urban, abstract, travel.
Photoblog about Switzerland  | Switzerland  url
Photos from Switzerland
Aur??lien Jost  | Switzerland  url
Photos of many differents places around the world: Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, etc... Mosty landscapes so far!
[__P.i.x__A.l.o.n.g__T.h.e__P.a.t.h__]  | Switzerland  url
Andreas Brunner Photography
streulicht | lichtspiel  | Switzerland  url
A small swiss women of vision, called Saara, born in 1983, not really famous, mother of a lot terrific ideas.
prettyvenditti  | Switzerland  url
art: style and experiments
Bdphoto  | Switzerland  url
General photography blog
Timographie  | Switzerland  url
Overview of my work.
SQUIRLART photoblog  | Switzerland  url
Daily squirly artsy photographs
Marc Schneider photography  | Switzerland  url
Street photography pictures and portraits, mostly taken in Prague and Switzerland. Analog and digital shots.
Oeil exorbit??  | Switzerland  url
Photoblog showing old and new pictures.
coyote agile photoblog  | Switzerland  url
here - away - far away (zurich - switzerland - rest of the universe)
POCHImaBUONI  | Switzerland  url
This blog contains photos B/W and colours and, occasionally, it contains also comments on the daily life.
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