Cool Photography Blogs - Switzerland

Susanne's Fotoblog  | Switzerland  url
Es fasziniert mich, fremde Kulturen und Länder mit ihren Menschen, die Natur in all ihren Farben und Formen, Architektur früher und heute, kleine Details und besondere Momente mit der Kamera festzuhalten.
fosilato-animals  | Switzerland  url
the blog with animalpics
maersu's photoblog  | Switzerland  url
Not speechifying: I Just like to take pictures & hope you enjoy them.
Lophot  | Switzerland  url
Photography in HDR, anything goes
Mondo Corretto  | Switzerland  url
Mondo Corretto is anintention. One picture a day. It is not an autobiographical approach, but a mixture of art and a look or an angle.
Pascalou Photos  | Switzerland  url
Un jour une photo, un photoblog ou il n'y a que des photos et pas de texte car une image vaux milles mots !
KriKridesign  | Switzerland  url
Painter, a little a photographer, images maker for ever!!
HD's Photo Blog - Just Life  | Switzerland  url
Selected Photos from Life
chiaroscuro-project  | Switzerland  url
This project is dedicated to monochrome photography. Contrasto is a time-limited project like everything in life. It will finish with the 999th published shot.
Lightscape-Images  | Switzerland  url
A photographic blog from a family in Switzerland featuring mainly nature, outdoor, abstract, landscape and b&w images  | Switzerland  url
Pictures and wallpapers, nature and cityscape photography
HOTPIXEL  | Switzerland  url
Daily photoblog by Pierre Pallez, images from switzerland, and other places too.
Franz Engels | Fotoblog  | Switzerland  url
Meine Welt in Bildern ???? Reiseeindr??cke, Begegnungen, Szenen, Stimmungen, besondere Momente
Fototality  | Switzerland  url
Foto, Events, Wedding, Hochzeiten, People
While I am looking for you *  | Switzerland  url
Iphone research on time and...
Felix V Scholkmann *Photography  | Switzerland  url
My life seen through a camera lens
Phototherapy - The Factory  | Switzerland  url
A mix of street and artistic photography. I seem to have an addiction with the Visual, which will continue for as long as I can see... I build photographic series, on the long run...
Farhan Tauheed  | Switzerland  url
Travel Photography
Galleria Punctum Saliens  | Switzerland  url
Galleria Punctum Saliens: Where it matters what you see. Ready for a change in your world view? See everyday life stuff seen freshly and surprisingly and get a smile for the day.
Daniel Espinoza's Blog  | Switzerland  url
La vie quotidienne/Everyday life is the subtitle of this blog, because it shows scenes and objects that are common during our lifes.
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