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The Shutter Pirates  | New Zealand  url
The Shutter Pirates are Joe and Tim.
a collection of passerby images | te kata  | New Zealand  url
????he world around us is in a state of constant animation and adaptation, evolution traveling faster than the speed of life????- At the heart of my photography are people.
Ben's Photo Sketchbook  | New Zealand  url
Views through my lenses and my little experiments. My images have a random subject/topic from everyday scene. I also shoot with film occasionally. Mainly from Nelson, New Zealand. Photo Sketchbook
Lachezar's photo_notes  | New Zealand  url
My photo_notes, a very impromptu visual diary.
Nicnak Photos  | New Zealand  url
Photos taken around New Zealand and the rest of the world. I tend to avoid "Chocolate Box" imagery but if you are looking for the quirky side of NZ (or at least the quirky side of a NZer) then you have come to the right place.
Riley Bathurst  | New Zealand  url
Action and lifestyle style photos from New Zealand and around the world.
stewart baird photography  | New Zealand  url
HDR Photography capturing the beauty of New Zealand.
Simon Morris - PhotoBlog  | New Zealand  url
Images of Canterbury (NZ) and beyond!
Vicki Clarke Photography  | New Zealand  url
Personal journey documenting my learning of photography
Brenda Spiller Photography  | New Zealand  url
Very diverse range of subjects. I like to find beauty in the mundane and ordinary. I'm fairly new at this so I am constantly learning, and hopefully improving.
Long White Clouds  | New Zealand  url
Bimbling around New Zealand in an '88 bright yellow Ford Econovan my girlfriend and I, the people we meet on the way and the bread we bake. Shot on film and 35mm.
Colored New Zealand  | New Zealand  url
I'd love you enjoy seeing my photos of bare New Zealand. Not only common views but small things we should find and touch by changing own viewpoint. Welcome your comments in here or blog.
Zarphag  | New Zealand  url
New Zealand beuty with a bit of gnar
Steve Allsopp Photography  | New Zealand  url
Predominantly Black and White long exposure landscapes/waterscapes from New Zealand
first light photos  | New Zealand  url
NZ beauty
About PhotoStock  | New Zealand  url
What we've been doing in stock photography lately.
Tim Edmonds - Travel & Landscapes  | New Zealand  url
The best of my landscapes taken while traveling around rural and coastal parts of Europe.
ThengHui.Com  | New Zealand  url
A travel photog. - photoshooting & blogging towards 2012 ???? ??????????????????????2012???????????-  | New Zealand  url
I carry my camera with me with my daily photo blog ever present in my mind. I make images every day. I select one that I like, and then I upload to my site.
photography by marc  | New Zealand  url
my view of the world hopefully updated regularly
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