Cool Photography Blogs - France : Le Photoblog  | France  url
A daily photoblog from France, based in Paris
La Clicherie  | France  url
Travels and misc
Argentina : Dreams & Stories (Fr)  | France  url
an amazing and new look at Argentina from historical anecdotes and exceptional pictures
Nicolas Gaire Live Music Photography  | France  url
I????m a freelance photographer based in Paris (France), and I????m specialized in live music photography.
Toilapol  | France  url
Balades en Bretagne (la c??te, les ??les, la campagne, etc) Mes sujets pr??f??r??s : les chevaux, les cimeti??res de bateaux, les oiseaux, la flore, les fil??s / poses longues... In Brittany (shoreline, islands, rural, horses, boats cemeteri
Blaaaaaaaack  | France  url
From september to september, one year in black...
Bardamu Photography  | France  url
French photographer shooting film with Leica and Rolleiflex cameras. Favorite photographers are Stanley Greene and Stephan Vanfleteren, a source of inspiration for me.
bag of pixels  | France  url
A big bag of pixels!
Himatic  | France  url
Photo Diary. My life, my feelings, and my travels. I shoot film !
Le monde des chevaux (Horses world)  | France  url
Un photoblog cr???? via le site, regroupant une s??lection de mes meilleurs clich??s sur le th??me des chevaux et du monde qui les entoure.
Regard Photographique  | France  url
Ce qui m’intéresse dans la photographie c’est la rencontre du hasard, du petit rien qui fait travailler l’imagination. C’est avant tout capter les "sentiments" de la lumière, aller au-devant d’une scène, de la saisir avec ma propre émotion
Fran??ois Garnotel  | France  url
Photos Noir et Blanc du quotidien, ici et ailleurs... Black and White pictures from everyday life, here and there... Schwartzweisse Bilder des Alltages, hier und da... Fotografias a preto e branco da vida diaria, aqui e em outros lugares...
sayginou  | France  url
anything ... anyone ... anytime ... anywhere ... juste shoot.
Midnight Artwork  | France  url
Photo art editing  | France  url
Photography from a france-based man who likes to travel and experiment new techniques and post-processing.
Looking forward...  | France  url
Architecture mainly, but also some abstract pictures, life scenes, and more.
Photimages...d'hier et d'aujourd'hui  | France  url
Small strolls in Franconville, Plessis-Bouchard, Ermont and Eaubonne, communes of Val d'Oise in France, through old postcards and photographs of today.
Lilo's Photos  | France  url
Just Lilo, just photos. My daily (or so) experiences with photography
Visions and Nature  | France  url
Visions and Nature. On this blog I will not only be blogging about my Nature and Landscape photography activities, visions and workshops news, but I will also publish new images with some details about the way it was captured. There will also be many o
ApoChromatic  | France  url
This is a photoblog showing my day-by-day photographical researchs (mainly urban, portrait and macrophotography). But the most important is to share my passion !
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