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Highly Defined Reality  | United States  url
A daily photo blog by an aspiring photographer and IT student. Mainly focusing on HDR High Dynamic Range photography with subjects such as Landscapes / nature , old / abandoned buildings , travel , monuments , statues , or just whatever looks cool to me.
Kotaro Photography/ A journey of art  | United States  url
Hi, I am going to visit Europe this January. I really look forward to meet new and amazing people over there! Please feel free to contact me if you are interested. Thank you!!  | United States  url
I like everything about photographs, so I take a lot of them. I live in the Midwest in the very blue portion of a red state. I hate winter after December 25th. It wasn????t until I was in my 30s that I found my life????s passion, photography.
Lovable Geek  | United States  url
A Michigan based photoblog focusing on interesting or amusing images and experimenting in Photoshop.
Pat O'Brien Photo  | United States  url
A New England wedding photographer ( having (a lot of) fun travelling with his iPhone 4s as a personal project.
Beneath A Steel Sky  | United States  url
portraits and misc scenes
Brian Hiltz Photography  | United States  url
Photography from Texas and more.
Tozzophoto  | United States  url
Street Photography, Landscapes, and other images by Roy Caratozzolo
Pat OBrien Photography  | United States  url
New England wedding photographer, who's runs this as a personal photography project.
Mark Garbowski Photography at Too Much Glass  | United States  url
Mark Garbowski Photography. New York based HDR, candid street photography, cityscapes
Captured Moments  | United States  url
Enjoy every moments as they happen - is all I can do - and catch them before they run away! So I go through my day-to-day routine and Capture moments to remind me, when I forget, of how great life really is.
Surfertide Photoblog  | United States  url
Aaron Pariona Photoblog
Beyond my imaginations  | United States  url
Daily photo and travel
DG Oakill Photography  | United States  url
Street photography and urban landscapes from Philadelphia.
New Providence Daily Photo  | United States  url
Photodocumenting suburban New Jersey. No, really.
The Road Less Traveled  | United States  url
A journey of learning to view life behind the lens and finding beauty in unexpected places.
Mike Blanchard Photography  | United States  url
Photographs by Mike Blanchard, including portraits, travel and scenic photography from Colorado and beyond.
Tallgrass Pixels  | United States  url
Photography of the Kansas Flint Hills, Kansas and other places.
50% Chance Of Rain  | United States  url
A Daily Photoblog from the heart of Texas. My way of sharing my enjoyment of photography and at the same time sharing my work with you. What can you expect? Really who knows! ( kind of like the weather )
The Ripest Pics  | United States  url
A collection of the best images of my work. Peaceful, pleasing, contemplative photographs.
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