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Breathe in Digital  | United States  url
These are the chronicles of my development as a photographer. I'm not intending on being a professional, but I do want to contribute something interesting to the world of photography.
Berks Awhile  | United States  url
Photo Journal of Berks County, Pennsylvania, featuring natural beauty of area and other interesting photo subjects.
Missouri and Beyond  | United States  url
Images captured in Missouri and wherever else I may roam.
scott . menzer . org / photo  | United States  url
A collection of my favorite photographs of cities, nature, sports, and much more
Miaye  | United States  url
Photoblog from miaye to yours.
Paul is Human  | United States  url
Paul takes photos, he is human.
Blimes Photography  | United States  url
Mostly landscape photography from the Western United States (California, Colorado, Washington, Wyoming) and travel photography (Western Europe and Nepal).
Exploring the Right Brain  | United States  url
I'm left-brain dominant by nature, but my circuitous journey through life tussles with the other hemisphere, so this will be the repository for my artistic dabbling and more earnest creative endeavors.
Valopix  | United States  url
A swiss guy and a finnish girl living in NYC and exploring America by lens.
Charles's Photoblog  | United States  url
My daily photoblog.
Ohio Eye  | United States  url
Ohio Eye is a visual exporation of Central Ohio and the Midwest by photographer Ted Lacksonen, focusing on nature and rural photography.
Dustin McCollum Photography  | United States  url
An "almost every day" blog featuring pretty much anything. Photos include landscapes, architecture, hdr, plants, animals, and much more. Most photos are from the state of Virginia, United States.
Birmingham AL Real Estate and Community Pics  | United States  url
A Photo Blog of Birmingham AL Real Estate and Its Surrounding Community: Alabama is the beautiful and we believe the beauty starts right here in the greater Birmingham area!
Kris Francisco Photography  | United States  url
Fine Art Photography by Kris Francisco
Soundbounder  | United States  url
A Long Island Sound coastal blog
Grinbear  | United States  url
Moments of creativity with me & my environment
Post Cards From Kimchi Land  | United States  url
Photo collection of South Korea in post cards format.
How to Feather an Empty Nest  | United States  url
How to Feather an Empty Nest is a photoblog about taking that next step into the second half of my life. I am a photographer who chases sunlight and shadows, searching for magic with which to fill the frame. Having retired from the corporate world in 2011
Joseph Kaczmarek  | United States  url
Life as I find in Philadelphia.
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