Cool Photography Blogs - United States

J.W. Lee Photography  | United States  url
An up to date blog following J.W. Lee Photography. Updated weekly with tips, tricks, and great info on all things photography.
Falling Colors  | United States  url
a change of scene  | United States  url
Just some photos from life as it happens.
2 Frames per Second  | United States  url
A daily photoblog devoted to the Canon G7
WP Nature Photography  | United States  url
A frequently updated blog dedicated to the photography of the natural world and the wildlife that lives in it. Includes animal, plant, landscape, macro, aerial, astrophotography and more!
Ben's Photo Blog  | United States  url
Pictures from my adventures at college, home, and abroad. Features a lot of natural scene photos, especially landscapes and macros. Check out the account of my recent trip to Switzerland and Italy!
Noise and Blooms  | United States  url
Primarily photographs of the "Queen City",Charlotte, NC, and the surrounding area. The concentration is on architectural photos and urban landscapes. Often created as HDR, panoramic and night photography and almost always post-processed.
visually literal  | United States  url
Photos that make you think and express visual and literal visions and thoughts.
Shutter Mike  | United States  url
My blog is a showcase of the photographs I take as I learn photography and improve my art. It is also a place where I post photography related news and information.
Anthony's Photo Blog  | United States  url
I take a lot of picture and decided that I needed to do something with them rather than let them sit on my computer. I really enjoying playing with color right now.
HihoSilver Photography  | United States  url
A photoblog of my adventures through photography.  | United States  url
A collection of photographs, stories of their making, and a few antics.
A Place for Photographs  | United States  url
a budding amateur photographer enjoys his craft.
Imagewise Photoblog  | United States  url
This is a 365-Day project. The catch is that most of the images will be taken with my iPhone, edited on the iPhone and posted to the blog directly from the iPhone. It's a proof of concept project for me.  | United States  url
Since 1999. Pictures from New York City and occasionally elsewhere.
Steve Immel Photography  | United States  url
At the foot of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in the high desert of New Mexico fine art photographer Steve Immel creates evocative images of the world around him. He posts a new image weekly along with commentary about the new entry.
Lauren @ f/2.8  | United States  url
Amature Photographer capturing life through her vision.
stealing horses  | United States  url
the life and times of a modern day horse thief.
laura elise | photography  | United States  url
a blog for my personal photography, inspiring photos from other photographers (and some times cinematographers), a few random songs, and sometimes quotes
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