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eye4photo  | Norway  url
Photos of all possible; nature, portrait, naked mooses, etc.  | Norway  url
A Norwegian photoblog with pictures of landscapes, architecture, landmarks, humans & animals, travel destinations and small details in society. Both in colours and black & white.
thelocomotives  | Norway  url
A blog about photography. Simple as that!
Torbj??rns (Photo)blog  | Norway  url
Photos of things I see. I take pictures of anything that I think looks interesting, from the small everyday things to events and planned shoots.
Ben  | Norway  url
Love the abstract and minimalistic
Terje Aalrust - Photography  | Norway  url
Portraits - Nature - people - Norway Different Angles  | Norway  url
Hobbyist photoblog from Norway.
::: Kacper Rybakiewicz Photography :::  | Norway  url
I'm born in 1991 and use this page as a portfolio. All of the images presented there are for sale.  | Norway  url
Through the lens...
Joonsworld  | Norway  url
I like to keep the good work moments and capture some of great people i worked with, in front of the camera and behind!
Moment Studio  | Norway  url
Moment Studio - Professional photographers blogging about their work.
Fotoboksen  | Norway  url
Nature, flowers, birds, insects, animals and whatever else I might see.
Frame by frame  | Norway  url
A photoblog about my passion - photography. I share my techniques, thoughts and of course, photographs.
BullseyeFoto  | Norway  url
Norway based photograher. Urban, decay, nature, art, nautical, city, Paris, Oslo, Bergen, Ris??r, Risoer
YET ANOTHER BLOG  | Norway  url
news, photos and.. occasional posts
bb66  | Norway  url
Bjorn Bergheim's photoblog.  | Norway  url
Consert photography
My itineraries  | Norway  url
A photographic diary of the journeys and strolls of a young French amateur photographer: me!
Moments In Time  | Norway  url
Freezing moments in time to create a memory. Photos of nature, buildings, animals, people, etc.
Anders Photoblog  | Norway  url
Nature, Macro
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