Cool Photography Blogs - Norway

Fotograf Henrik Kreilisheim  | Norway  url
Documentary wedding photographer from Norway, sharing his images, experiences and phototips.
Ruben Molnes Photography  | Norway  url
An Artistic Outlet. My Blog. My Photos. My Life.
Moments of a Libra  | Norway  url
I am studying business, trying to become an artist, loving photography and enjoying every moments on my journey. I like to believe that each and everyone of us has artistic capabilities and that you need no formal education to do art!
Bleirvik photo  | Norway  url
Street photos, studio works, abstract and conceptual pictures.
Miz Roket's blog  | Norway  url
One life seen through a lens
Fotopluss  | Norway  url
A photoblog all about photography and sayings. "Good photography is not to reproduce reality, but to interpret it."
Yngve Thoresen Photography  | Norway  url
Images from Yngve Thoresen
RH Foto  | Norway  url
Fotograf som holder til i Sandnes. Portrettfotografering, bedrifstfotogafering, bryllupsfotografering
LENSofNATURE  | Norway  url
Close-up & landscape photos of Norwegian nature.
Tonys Photosblog  | Norway  url
Photos from an Norwegians life
Photomannen  | Norway  url
be inspired...
Slices Of Time  | Norway  url
Contains artistic nudes, landscapes, portraits, black/white and more.
Kjetil Engstr???m Photography  | Norway  url
Her deler jeg nesten alt det jeg tar av bilder. Jeg pr???ver ogs??? ??? dele historien bak bildene samt promotere stilen min
Lissi  | Norway  url
our living  | Norway  url
A place in the forest, photoblogging of the everyday magic scenes.
opticalpork  | Norway  url
komplisert  | Norway  url
The world as it's seen through my lens
Visual Impacts  | Norway  url
Photos, observations and sometimes a visual impact that strikes something within me.
Photographer Kyrre Lien  | Norway  url
20 years old and I work as a photographer / photojournalist in Oslo, Nature, editorial, sports, people, multimedia, soundslides and more.
Improbable facts and fiction  | Norway  url
Landscapes, nature and some experimenting when I feel like it.
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