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Photography by Steve  | Norway  url
Photography by Steve. Panorama and 360 degree pictures. Nature and concerts.
Our endless numbered days  | Norway  url
Photoblog of Norwegian photographer Arild Eiken??s Vengen - located in Bergen, Norway.
Depth Of Focus  | Norway  url
"A single click in the blink of an eye..."
Smile  | Norway  url
I write about photography, food, fashion, and everyday
Tarisol-foto  | Norway  url
Nature and Macro
Marek Ziolkowski Photography  | Norway  url
Photographer working in Stavanger area, Norway.
Spiderdamas Photoblog  | Norway  url
Shooting all.. from nature to street photos
Ole-Christian Amundsen Photography  | Norway  url
Storefronts and streetlife.
Kompani K  | Norway  url
Rod Stewart's band wouldn't last 30 days on the road. Neither would I.  | Norway  url
All pictures are taken with Leica Cameras. The blog is about bringing creativity out to play by following Julia Camerons 12 weeks programme in her book; The Artist way, A Spiritual guide to Creativity".
Fotograf Elisabeth Figenschou J??lstad  | Norway  url
Fotograf som holder til Sandefjord, men reiser gjerne rundt for ?? fotografere. Gj??r alt av oppdrag innen portrett og bryllupsfotografering, skoler og barnehager, presse/reportasjefotografering og reproarbeider.
Stine Pedersen Photo  | Norway  url
International wedding and lifestyle photographer based out of Bergen, Norway
KBSnaturfoto  | Norway  url
A presentation of the variety of Norwegian wildlife, as well as pictures of the beautiful landscape.
Busters notater  | Norway  url
Almost done.
Life: A Scot in Norway  | Norway  url
A photoblog based around Bergen but also incorporating my travels
Marit Naess Photography  | Norway  url
Photos from my everyday life throughout the year
Kine Bj???rnerud Photography  | Norway  url
???hos nabon - scrapping og foto  | Norway  url
photo and scrapboocking
Erling?? irregular snaps  | Norway  url
My organized shots of everyday subjects and objects.
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