Cool Photography Blogs - Malaysia

Andrew's Gravy  | Malaysia  url
Life as viewed from my lenses, a view of Malaysia in its purest form. Nature, architecture, street life and etc.
MyPixellated - My World Through The Lens  | Malaysia  url is my personal photoblog. Most photos are taken in Malaysia, the country I reside.
Amal  | Malaysia  url
im doing potraits, weddings and studio shoots, im young and want to share almost everything with the world through my photos.
Metamorphosis of Creative Chaotic Soul  | Malaysia  url
For the love of art, photography, travel, music & everything else
Sweet & Sour  | Malaysia  url
A daily photoblog of visual experience & Unaudible Melody.
Alcove de Anggur  | Malaysia  url
Sharing anything and everything thru my camera...
Joyce's Photoblog  | Malaysia  url
My blog is the story of my life - a living diary. If it happens, I blog it. And make it as entertaining as possible.
Binary Playground  | Malaysia  url
Randomly selected from my daily Flickr updates. I usually shoot landscape around my little town.
11th Shot  | Malaysia  url
Whatever you dream of doing or hope to achieve, do not wait; the time will never be "just right". This is my journey.
sedex88's Photoblog  | Malaysia  url
some amateur photoblog and still learning about photography...
BJ Photos  | Malaysia  url
Photos from the mind - snippets of photos taken in and out of Malaysia, during my travels or major events
photoEvolution  | Malaysia  url
A photoblog by Kheoh Yee Wei from Malaysia.
Ming Img  | Malaysia  url
Daily photos by Wong Wei-Ming
ShutterClicks  | Malaysia  url
Greatest memories are kept alive through photographs.
my.paper.back  | Malaysia  url
everyday life, anything at all. XD
SNAPSHOTS  | Malaysia  url
a photo blog of life in southeast Asia
shahfotologue  | Malaysia  url
This is my photography work base on what catches my eyes.
BL Photography  | Malaysia  url
General Images by Benjamin Lai
Alice Through The 17-85mm  | Malaysia  url
Who let the Mad Hatter get his hands on the 40D? A site with a little bit of everything? Works of a noob... Don't expect anything...  | Malaysia  url
my optical graffiti
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