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Norisah DeNetto  | Malaysia  url
I love Photography
My Third Eye  | Malaysia  url
Am happiest when i am with my camera capturing moments. Still very much a work in motion.  | Malaysia  url
Professional Wedding Photography Blog From Ledang, Johor
Bidik Art Photography  | Malaysia  url
We publish articles which is related to the town named Kuantan especially, and Malaysia in general
digitalDome  | Malaysia  url
Daily photo from east asia (Malaysia Truly Asia)
hakeim134  | Malaysia  url
I'm truly natural photographer.
FirdausMahadi Photography  | Malaysia  url
captures the spiritual beauty of creation itself
Ipoh mari Ipoh mari  | Malaysia  url
This is a blog about my own travel experience & discoveries.
INaMoments  | Malaysia  url
Photo Moments ?? A travel snapshot blog
SooHK in Lens  | Malaysia  url
A Place whereby I look through my life in a lens
sukahatiphotoG  | Malaysia  url
Indie Freelance Photographer+Videographer. More to Wedding photography, but in the same time we provide to cover all categories in photographer life.
azmiphotography  | Malaysia  url
Reality in pixels
My Way to Shoot  | Malaysia  url
My Way to Shoot.
NOTES and PHOTOS  | Malaysia  url
A simple note and photo blog.
Photo of Verb  | Malaysia  url
Don't like to think too much - prefer to take based on feeling than thinking too long. Trade-off : not so detailed pictures, but that's ok. I can live with it as long as pictures are taken with feeling.
Dominique Kee Photography  | Malaysia  url
A simple and fun way to document the events surrounding my life and the lives of the people around me.
Syed Alfandi Photography  | Malaysia  url
Photos of Malaysian landscape and events. Black and white photography. Artistic rendering of photos.
Rattling Communicator  | Malaysia  url
Being an expat I get to travel frequently. Habitually I observe and admire various things around me, be it clouds, water bodies, landscapes, cuisine culture et all. Here I express personal experiences, mostly through pictures I take!  | Malaysia  url
Bryan Lim (bryanlyt) photoblog
Flanegan Phlog Borneo Daily Photo  | Malaysia  url
Photographer base in KK, Sabah post daily photo wherever whenever.
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