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Log  | United Kingdom  url
Log is an image diary made from my mobile phone. The project started in April 2009 and since I am taking a picture a day.
TravellingInBlackandWhite  | United Kingdom  url
A personal B&W travel photo blog spanning 30 years, A collection of My travels photos from around Europe since I was a child till now
Filmus-Monochromus  | United Kingdom  url
A Passion for Black & White 35mm film. The films of B??la Tarr inspire me. The last colour film I shot was in 1969! I have my own darkroom. Definition of a darkroom: The most fun you can have in the dark with your clothes ON!
Doug Armand - Photography  | United Kingdom  url
A personal blog about my photography and attempts to sell my work as an artist. I am currently updating it daily
photos@woollypigs  | United Kingdom  url
Photos taken from my various travels on my bicycle.
Pedro Maya  | United Kingdom  url
Leica B&W
874 Miles  | United Kingdom  url
Photos taken in and around the South West and England.  | United Kingdom  url is the online photographic journal of Daniel Regan, a twenty-something photographer based in London.
sphotographs  | United Kingdom  url
The essential thing happen in the pictures. The irrelevant one in the reality.
sliceoflondonlife  | United Kingdom  url
A photoblog about every day life in London - the ordinary and the extraordinary - as lived by Londoners
Ed O'Keeffe Photography  | United Kingdom  url
Manchester photographer Ed O'Keeffe publishes a photo a day on his site and explains the what, where, why and how of a wide variety of photographic subjects from places to portraits and everything in between - he gives advice about his work
neither here nor there  | United Kingdom  url
My love for photography, exposed.I’m a passionate amateur collecting moments.  | United Kingdom  url
Photoblog mainly about travelling in the UK, Europe, Malaysia and South east asia. Interest also covers panorama images, events and the colors of life.  | United Kingdom  url
picperday is about a daily shot taken with my iPhone. Quality constraint or accessibility luxury? You decide, always looking to create a pleasing visual.
Low Exposure  | United Kingdom  url
Capturing moments of my life. Daily photoblog of Kerry Jackman in Brighton, UK.
sumpix  | United Kingdom  url
Photographs of everything and anything from anywhere.
persona pictures photography & videography  | United Kingdom  url
I believe that through the pictures, someone will be able to reflect on past memories. Without pictures, history will not be able to remember and to be seen in future.
The everyday, every day  | United Kingdom  url
What do you do with all those day-to-day pictures of the mundane and the extraordinary? Pictures of things that catch my eye but then never usually see the light of day. A daily photoblog to share the everyday, every day.
Fresh Eyes  | United Kingdom  url
Great photos of London a new one every day
Dave Wares photoblog  | United Kingdom  url
Photography/Photo art
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