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lyrical this . lyrical that  | United Kingdom  url
the world seen through my 50mm lens all shot at f1.8
CHROMOGRAM  | United Kingdom  url
Landscapes, Architecture and abstract. In search of the atmospheric, in and around Oxford.
David Finlayson  | United Kingdom  url
Wanderings of an amateur photographer in Edinburgh, Scotland
Andy Eaves photography - recent  | United Kingdom  url
A collection of images from my personal work. Some of the images are in collections, some are single.
Abdul Nusrat Photography  | United Kingdom  url
A collection of photos transgressing specific genres.
timallenphoto  | United Kingdom  url
A gallery of mainly street photography and my exhibition project 'Wish You Were Here'.
pixelcount photography  | United Kingdom  url
a few random photos from a little place called Witney and beyond!
Portrait Photographer - Kasia Znana  | United Kingdom  url
Female portrait and self-portrait photographer based in London ...  | United Kingdom  url
My eye on the world.
falleN aRt  | United Kingdom  url
oUr aRt
Another Bird Blog  | United Kingdom  url
Bird photography
A Journey Through My Camera Lens...  | United Kingdom  url
I see the camera lens as an extension of my eye, throughout this blog i want to take you on a journey through my eyes...
Andrew Briggs Photography  | United Kingdom  url
Landscape and Nature Photography
Shaun Cheng Photography  | United Kingdom  url
An amateur with a great passion for photography. landscape, potraits
Tarun Chandel's Photoblog (Updated Daily)  | United Kingdom  url
Tarun Chandel's Photoblog Things as Tarun Chandel sees them and captures them.
cotch dot net  | United Kingdom  url
Daily photo, generally landscapes, architectural details, or documenting the city.  | United Kingdom  url
Pixellate is photoblog based out of Oxford, UK. It features a bit of everything - architecture, landscapes, people/portraits, travel.
Judith Weik  | United Kingdom  url
artist and photographer portfolio
Take once a day  | United Kingdom  url
This photoblog is intended as a personal challenge. It's definitely a hobby not my profession. My photography to date has been about recording memories and experience and less about craft and technique. Keeping this blog going is intended to change that.
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