Cool Photography Blogs - United Kingdom  | United Kingdom  url
Pictures of my life.
M A Andrew Black and White Photography  | United Kingdom  url
Black and White Photography of M A Andrew - black and white photographer.
All I like about London  | United Kingdom  url
London through my lens
phil thornley | photoblog - photos of manchester and elsewhere  | United Kingdom  url
A photoblog focusing on urban architecture, black/white and street photography by Phil Thornley
Luke Agbaimoni Photography  | United Kingdom  url
I like to try to see the world differently through the lens ???????it??????s amazing the beauty that we can miss on our everyday adventures. I just try to capture these things.
Dave Frost Photography  | United Kingdom  url
A regularly updated photoblog containing various projects and themes as and when they arise. Photos are generally accompanied by some details of lighting and settings used, along with any unusual techniques.
Davidikus - ze diary of an exile in London  | United Kingdom  url
Not just another "one photo a day" blog ; a visual diary, of things that have inspired, interested or shocked me, one day or another! Shot mostly in London, Paris, Milan, Rio de Janeiro... Cambridge, too!  | United Kingdom  url
My Project 365 and Portfolio photoblog.
tamas photography  | United Kingdom  url
tamas take photos
Sammy Bakar  | United Kingdom  url blogs about life, photography, travel, hacking, coding / programming, technology and gadgets.
Mancunian Wave  | United Kingdom  url
the diversity of the city of Manchester and the surrounding areas, including the 10 metropolitan boroughs which make up Greater Manchester, and the counties of Lancashire to the north and Cheshire to the south.
Piconeeighty  | United Kingdom  url
Documentary and Travel
Pictureize  | United Kingdom  url
A minimalistic visualisation of everyday life.
Jon Davies Photography  | United Kingdom  url
Blog of Jon Davies - Portrait and wedding photographer. Blog feature loads of personal projects as well as commercial/commissioned work. Portrait, wedding, travel, street, gig, and event photography
Sparkle Photoblog  | United Kingdom  url
Moments of my life and creative expressions captured on camera. Updated (almost) daily.
bruce maclennan photography  | United Kingdom  url
life | adventure | photography | ...stuff
another shoot  | United Kingdom  url
A photo a day (nearly) from around and about ;o)
ODD SOCK IMAGE  | United Kingdom  url
no rhyme or reason, just pictures I take
mooch  | United Kingdom  url
Images of Oxford, San Francisco, New York, Amsterdam, Barcelona, landscape, portrait, animals and architecture.
Jules's Photoblog  | United Kingdom  url
images from my world
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