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Moving and Rising  | China  url
The world is in my eyes!
Jamie blog  | China  url
Natural reward ...
Philippe Roy  | China  url
I'm a French-Canadian photographer from Montreal, currently living and working in Shanghai. I tend to specialise in corporate, industrial and fashion photography... but my blog is more for my artistic explorations.
VersiChromatics  | China  url
Daily updated photo blog by Yongquan Ye
???????????????  | China  url
i-DC.CN  | China  url
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CJ Stan Image  | China  url
A weekend amateur photographer based in Shanghai China. I use to shoot portraits, street and beauty pictures. This is my photography blog where shows some of my favorite shots.
The Warm Gun  | China  url
Contemporary retro
Lynx Blanchard  | China  url
"Photos depict atmosphere. Atmosphere depicts its life."
papayaann  | China  url
Photo life in china.
Jeff-Chen.Com  | China  url
The photograph, the life.
greatproject  | China  url
films of my life
Stops the footsteps | ?????????????  | China  url
????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????| some memory only exists as fotos, words just an minor role.
A rendezvous : photograph of a shanghai urbanite  | China  url
Tan Tien Yun is one soul among 20 million others in the metropolis of Shanghai, China. Currently an engineer by training but a photographer at heart, he began bruising his fingers on the shutter button 6 years ago as a cons
iBreathe  | China  url
personal photography collection
osakachris  | China  url
a picture a day used to be japanese street and people now it's the same, but in China.
Rafael Lam's Travel & Photography World  | China  url
Rafael Lam's Travel & Photography World has articles about a travel experience and photos share, all photos are original taken by Rafael Lam.
Live and Relax  | China  url
Rediscovering Photography in the Digital Age.
Eloi’s film gallery  | China  url
"If your pictures aren't good enough, you're not close enough." - Robert Capa
exploring shanghai  | China  url
exploring shanghai in black and white
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