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Perspective Images Photography  | United States  url
Perspective Images is the outlet for the addiction of visually preserving everything that comes within range of whatever camera is handy. The artist with the dependence in question is Will Williams, a web designer and photographer.
Daily Practice  | United States  url
Daily practice of recording the world as I see it thru my camera lens. A meditation in mindfulness.
look-s  | Germany  url
Usually black & white and strictly on film which is for me the prefered possiblity to capture light, shadows, structures and emotions.
fluglos  | Austria  url


COASTLOG  | Germany  url
A photographic journey along the coasts of Europe
Slice of life photography  | Russia  url
Some photos with author`s comments. My vision of the world.
Insights of photography  | Hong Kong  url
Sharing photos of local Hong Kong culture. Camera review, but with inspirations on how my different cameras influence my photography Creative and experimental discussion of photography as an art
LIFEOMMENTARY  | Others  url
My work is set in the real world. It is about my experiences with my surroundings. In a way, these pictures are my comments on life - they are my Lifeommentary !


tripleman  | Germany  url
I've lived my whole life in Canada. Until now. I made a big move and am now living in Germany. It's quite a change and I'm totally loving it. With so many new things to see, it's hard to put the camera down anymore.
The Talking Tree  | United States  url
Landscape shots of the Desert Southwest with rural decay playing an integral part of my interpretation. Photos will usually have some sort of human element. This is realism because there is no such thing as pristine wilderness!
aferve - otro punto de vista  | Spain  url
Fotografio todo aquello que me impacta sin alterar la esencia del momento.
O Mar na PenA  | Spain  url
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